my name is Helen. I am a fashion designer,
personal stylist, and a seamstress.
Dallas TX
About me
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I want to tell you a little about myself. My name is Helen. Since childhood, I have dreamed to make people beautiful.

When all the girls created dresses for dolls, I had a desire of dressing my mother and her friends. My first model was my younger brother then my friends. And already at the age of fifteen adult clients appeared. I did not have a question about choosing the future: Art University major fashion artist designer became a logical continuation of my path. After graduation from the University with honors, I made my first little dream come true - I opened creative studio ! I have created beautiful clothing for people with great inspiration for many years , made them harmonious and emphasized their individuality.
I have worked with dance, circus, gymnastics, ballet and theater studios. In the field of clothing industry have mastered almost all areas. I was engaged in the development of patterns, the selection of equipment for production, accounting, the purchase of fabrics and materials, the selection of clothing for stores. My special pride is my work in Italy with Dolce & Gabbana where I gained valuable experience.

In the USA I worked for the company that developed patterns for the production of clothing and collaborated with the Bravo Children's Theater.

The respect and recognition of my clients came from the decades of dedicated work and big desire to help everyone to create their individual look.

Clothing is a fantastic tool for transformation of anyone’s mood, we just need to know how to use it.

I am in love with my job and I try to improve myself every day. I am very interested in the psychology of clothing. How the right image helps us to be successful in business, separate look for interview and signing contracts or may be to charm someone on first date or dress up party .We sometimes underestimate the role of appearance and the impression we make to people. The harmony of the external and internal worlds are important.

Developing this direction, I took several courses and seminars to improve my knowledge. Now I continue to go forward, improving myself in the field of IT-technologies of apparel production in order to keep up with the rapidly changing reality.

My work is combination of experience knowledge and ability to hear the client. It helps to bring all ideas to life together!
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